WOOP! No need to argue about who’s turn to cook!

WOOP NZ delivery food

We tried out WOOP!

I loathe cooking and the only person in our household who thoroughly enjoys my culinary delights is the labrador dog – who also enjoys poo! I think that highlights exactly how “good” I am. So we were super excited to get to try out the food box delivery company WOOP! with one of their new Guess(T) Who’s Cooking meals, from Nici Wickes.

They deliver the meals all prepared and ready to go! All I had to do was open the box, follow the instructions and chuck the chicken in the pan. EASY as that! And 15 minutes later…..a tasty delicious meal that even the small people loved too.


Taking that pressure off from our regular evening argument of “bags not cooking”, which we have just about everyday!! Initially when we looked at the menu options available we weren’t sure everyone would eat it – but when they’re hungry – they’ll eat. Plus it’s a great way to add healthy meals you won’t normally have. So after the initial – “I hate prunes” comments….we all really enjoyed it! We had the Moroccan Chicken and Prune Tagine with a Carrot Ribbon and Citrus Salad.

WOOP NZ delivery food

It’s fast and healthy and takes the pressure off when you come home from work and try to decide what to make! I love it! And we will definitely be using WOOP in the future too!


Slow food fast – it sounds like a riddle, but now it’s a reality for those who want to eat beautiful, fresh food, but don’t have the time to prepare it. With WOOP, you can even have one of New Zealand’s top foodies prepare your dinner on a ‘normal’ weeknight in the comfort of your own home!

From the food box delivery service that lives and breathes the mantra of ‘slow food fast’, WOOP is excited to introduce the WOOP Guest Foodie Series – hot off the heels of the Street Food Series. From late June until early September, WOOP Boxes will feature a recipe developed by one of New Zealand’s top female food gurus every fortnight. With all the hard prep work done, all you have to do is add the finishing flourishes to put a delicious, healthy meal on the table in less than 15 minutes.

When you see what’s on the menu, you won’t believe it’ll be so easy for you to serve up. Made from scratch using the freshest ingredients, you’ll be cooking:

Niki Bezzant’s Miso Beef with Parmesan Roasted Root Vegetables and a Lemony Brussel Sprout Slaw

Jess Granada’s Monkfish ‘Binalot’ with Candied Walnuts and Meslcun Salad on Sticky Jasmine Rice

Anne Thorp’s Lemongrass Gurnard and Smoked Butter Potatoes with Wilted Spinach & Vine Tomatoes

Nici Wickes’ French Tarragon Chicken with Crispy Little Potatoes and a Citrus Rocket Salad and Moroccan Chicken and Prune Tagine with a Carrot Ribbon and Citrus salad

Tamara Johnson’s Salsa Verde Lamb with Pomme Puree, Carrot Puree and Greens

Each of these inspiring meals will take you less than 15 minutes to get on the table – no microwave dinner in sight.

WOOP founder, Thomas Dietz says: “We want to celebrate the diverse foodie landscape that is alive and kicking in New Zealand, and to do so, we thought it would be great to bring together a fantastic group of foodies who have had a real impact on the way we eat in New Zealand. It’s no secret that for such a small country at the bottom of the South Pacific we bat above our weight when it comes to food, and we think this should be celebrated and shared.”

Niki Bezzant, Editor at Large for Healthy Food Guide, continues: “I’m pleased to be involved in this collaboration – WOOP is a fantastic experience for busy people who appreciate great food but don’t have the time to come up with and prepare it all. It gives people a fast tracked kitchen experience, while still getting them involved in cooking.”

In today’s fast paced world, it seems our to-do lists are getting longer, while we run out of time to do the things we love. WOOP gives you the best of both worlds, allowing more time for you without saying goodbye to delicious and healthy dinners.

The WOOP team is excited to announce it is now available in Hamilton, Tauranga and Wellington as well as Auckland. Check out the WOOP Classic (perfect for families) or WOOP Foodie (adult fare) boxes at www.woop.co.nz


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