Weleda Roll-On Deodorant review – it works!!

Weleda Roll On review

We checked out Weleda’s Roll-On Deodorant & were nicely surprised!

We’ve all been there, when we decide to try out a natural deodorant and an hour or so later – instant regret with the odours we’re giving off! So what a pleasant surprise when we tried out the Citrus Weleda roll-on!

I’ve been using it for the last four days and even after a brisk walk/run with the dog – the only “odour” I could smell was the really refreshing scent of the citrus. And it lasts all day too. The other thing I’ve noticed since I’ve been using it was that I don’t get itchy armpits! I have super sensitive skin and this stuff hasn’t caused any reaction at all.

Plus, because these deodorants don’t have the usual chemicals such as aluminium salts in it, it is not blocking your pores. But rather it naturally protects your skin by inhibiting bacterial enzymes that decompose sweat and prevents the unpleasant body odour.

So this is a win win in our books! Highly recommend this stuff.

Weleda Deodorant review

Weleda Roll On Deodorant

Starting your day off right all depends on your morning routine. Using products which do not
expose your skin to nasty chemicals or inhibit your body’s natural processes is the perfect way to kickstart your morning.

Weleda’s new 24hr Roll-On Deodorants are crafted using a powerful blend of nature’s secret weapons, to keep you feeling fresh and ready for anything, while allowing your body to function as it should.
Sweating is our body’s natural and necessary thermoregulation process.

Many mainstream deodorants and ‘antiperspirants’ use chemicals such as aluminium salts to block sweat glands and pores, reduce or even stop the essential sweating process completely.

Instead of blocking sweat, Weleda’s new 24hr Roll-On Deodorants naturally protect the wearer by inhibiting bacterial enzymes that decompose sweat and consequently prevents the formation of unpleasant body odour. Body odour comes from the destruction of sweat by skin bacteria and depends on the substances in your sweat, the special flora of bacteria in the area, and by metabolites of food or
medicines. It also differs by gender. By halting the work of these bacterial enzymes that decompose sweat but not the act of sweating itself, Weleda’s new 24hr Roll-On Deodorants are healthy effective and
do NOT contain aluminium salts!

Weleda instead uses clever ingredients like Liquorice Root, for its antioxidant, calming and antimicrobial effects, combined with Witch Hazel, to calm, tone, and nourish skin. Together with essential oils, like Litsea Cubeba, for natural fresh fragrance, the new roll-on deodorants have
been dermatologically proven to protect against body odour for an amazing 24-hours. Plus, Weleda’s
Roll-On Deodorants can be used directly after hair removal, something that deodorants with aluminium salts are not recommended for.

A simple switch to a natural deodorant can allow the body to naturally thermoregulate, without compromising on feeling fresh through a busy day. So don’t break a sweat in the morning over
choosing a safe, effective roll-on deodorant. Embrace the natural power of Weleda’s new 24hr Roll-On Deodorants, 100% certified natural by NATRUE, Citrus or Men.

Weleda Men 24h Roll-On Deodorant RRP$15.90 (50ml)
A sensational fusion of Litsea Cubeba, Vetiver and Rosemary essential oils which create an invigorating masculine woody fragrance.
Weleda Citrus 24h Roll-On Deodorant RRP$15.90 (50ml)
A burst of natural freshness from Litsea Cubeba with Lemon and Petit Grain.

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