We tried out Blinc eyebrow mousse!

Blinc Eyebrow Mousse….we tried it out and loved it!

Make like brow beauty, super model Cara Delevingne and never have a bad brow day again with blinc’s Fountain of Youthful Colour® Eyebrow Mousse™.

Blinc Eyebrow Mousse

So we got to sample this stuff! I was a little concerned I’d end up looking like Frida Kahlo doing it myself, but it turned out it was super easy to use. I’ve taken to using it most days with confidence. Having always been conscious of my huge eyebrows (teased at school for them). But now thick eyebrows have made a comeback so who’s laughing now!

It’s just like using mascara but for your eyebrows. It’s doesn’t go on thick like an eyebrow pencil.  More like mascara with a slight tint which fills in the gaps subtly. And even better, when I accidentally rubbed my face, it doesn’t end up smudged all over your face.

I loved using Blinc, it’s a great product. And if you’re not confident filling in your eyebrows using a pencil, then try Blinc.

It’s the original eyebrow innovation that holds and sculpts like a gel, tints hair and fills in sparse areas with water resistant colour – all with a natural look and feel!

Not only will blinc Eyebrow Mousse™ ensure you are effortlessly rocking the latest beauty trend for fuller, more natural brows, but it also contains peptide ingredients that treat your skin at the same time. Clinical studies show using blinc Eyebrow Mousse™ daily reduces fine lines in the area by up to 67% in six weeks and increases moisture by up to 53% in just one week.

Because it won’t fade, run, or smudge, even if you sweat or wear it in harsh weather conditions, re-application is never required so get ready for beautiful, face-framing brow color that lasts all day long.

Looking for perfect eyebrows? “Makeup” won’t do the trick. Use mousse!


– Using the wand applicator, gently sweep it across the brow line in short strokes, focusing on adding colour to the existing brow hair first.

– Next fill in sparser areas by sweeping the wand in short strokes to give the appearance of natural hairs. This allows you to determine the thickness off the brow.

RRP; $39.95 Available in nine colours.

Stockists; Available at beauty salons nationwide. Phone 0800 144 562 for your nearest retailer.

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