Top 5 Melbourne Eats

Top 5 Melbourne Eats

Heading to Melbourne for a holiday? Amanda has put together a list of her Top 5 places to eat in Melbourne – there’s so many great food places there – this list should make it easy for you!

Melbourne is a mecca for delicious food and cool, inviting places to eat. I’ve eaten out at my fair share of Melbourne restaurants, and these are my favourite five.

1. Cookie

Top 5 Melbourne Restaurants


Every time I come here, I know I’m going to be blown away by the food I eat. A kind of “Thai fusion” there is something for everyone on the menu.

The cocktail list is also enviable and sure to satisify. My fave dishes would have to be the stir-fried pork belly, the fried chicken and the mussels. Great place for a date – usually pretty easy for two to walk in and find a table on the non-booking left side of the restaurant. For the romantics among us, the little alcoves over looking Swanston St are a prime possie (if a little cold in the evenings – rug up!) Head up to Rooftop Bar afterwards for a beer and an amazing view of the city.

2. Chin Chin

Top 5 Best Restaurants in Melbounre

Chin Chin

One of the most popular restaurants in Melbourne, Chin Chin focuses on South East Asian cuisine and does not disappoint. A favourite was the fried chicken (are you seeing a trend in my tastes dear reader?), the Sashimi, and the ‘do it yourself’ pork spring rolls. Again, absolutely delicious, and when you sit at the bar by the kitchen you get to witness all the action and have massive food envy as each meal makes its way from the kitchen. It’s a walk in, so you may have to wait for a table, but again, a party of two is usually quickly accommodated

3. Fonda

Top 5 Restaurants in Melbourne


Speedy Mexican food is quite the trend at the moment – they’re popping up everywhere. Fonda is a small chain that is so far in Flinders Lane, Windsor and Richmond. For soft shell tacos, I couldn’t fault them. Friends with me had the quesadilla and they also looked amazing. My fish taco was so tasty, a bit of deep fried fish accompanied by Chipotle Aioli, pickled carrot and onion and cabbage. The pulled pork taco, always a good choice, didn’t disappoint either and was combined with fresh pineapple, onion and coriander. The cocktails here are again, worth the visit alone.


4. Shanghai Noodle House

Top 5 Eats in Melbounre

Shanghai Noodle House Melbourne


On first entry, Shanghai Noodle House is not ideal. Fluorescent lighting, Formica tables and mismatched chairs, it looks like the dining room at a cheap hostel. But, oh, the dumplings. Of all the dumplings I’ve ever consumed (and there have been a few), these are my absolute favourite. And cheap!

A bowl of 15 steamed wontons in soup will set you back a mere $7. $7! They offer the full scale of dumplings; fried, steamed, vege, prawn, pork and chicken. Don’t expect 5 star customer service, but be impressed by how delicious food can taste in a less than salacious atmosphere.



5. Albert Park Hotel


Melbourne Top Restuarants

Albert Park Hotel Bistro

Ok, this is a bit of a wild card – it’s not central Melbourne and it’s got a bit of an old pub feel, but the food is to die for! I went for a casual bite and had some of the best food I’ve had in a while. Starting with 1⁄2 a dozen oysters, they were fresh, plump and paired with the traditional shallot vinegar that just makes them so scrummy. Next up were the pork ribs, which literally fell off the bone and were so tender, sweet and the perfect BBQ balance.

Lamb skewers were perfectly spiced, quite Moroccan and moreish. A side of Cauliflower Gratin was perhaps mismatched but God was it good. Nothing better than a good Cauliflower cheese! If you’re in the area, or perhaps feel like venturing out for a casual bite, you can’t go wrong.

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