Tambura – Gluten and Dairy Free snacks

Tambura is a gluten and dairy free snack with less fat than chips!

Currently supply our products to Farro Fresh, Moore Wilson’s and we are also part of the Titirangi and La Cigale farmers markets.
Indian Gluten Free snack food

Tambura Products

All our products are Gluten and Dairy free.

Our products are:

1. Cumin Infused chutney
2. Original crunch
3. Spicy crunch
4. Lemon Crunch

The chutney is a fruit based chutney with a secret cocktail of fruits and a blend of cumin and coriander seeds. The crunches are a delicious, traditional Indian snack which can be used in a salad to add crunch, used in soups or just eaten by themselves.


Nirmala, Sarvajith & Ravi Shankar.

Tambura is our family business. Nirmala (my mother) and Ravi (my father) started a food stall in 1999 selling a south Indian delicacy called Masala Dosa. They are humble people and making dosa has always been their hobby. They have had stalls at the famous Aotea square markets on Queen Street, Auckland. Their stall can also be found at all the big festivals around Auckland and more recently the Silo park markets located in Auckland’s wynyard quarter. They were featured on ‘A taste of home’ hosted by Peta Mathias and have also featured in Metro magazine for their food.

Through their journey in making Masala Dosa, my mother developed her own chutneys and pickles to accompany the dosa. I want to carry on their legacy. I am their son, Sarvajith. I grew up in New Zealand and have been a witness to my parent’s stall develop into what it is today. I am on a mission to bring New Zealand and the world the taste of my mum’s amazing range of chutneys, pickles snacks and other goodies. Hence I created Tambura.

Tambura is a traditional Indian musical instrument. I chose this name because the Tambura represents the different notes and flavors of the food my mum creates. The tag line ironically is “Fine tune your palate”.

Snack Gluten Free foods

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