Smooshing great snacks to keep handy + they’re healthy!

Smooshed Balls new flavours

Smooshed Wholefood Balls – the on-the-go snack you can feel good about! Want to try them?

We’ve been big fans of Tasti’s Brazen Berry and Orange Zinger Smoosh balls for awhile now. So when we saw this delightful parcel turn up – we got excited! So much so the dog stole them!!! But that’s a whole another story. I always have a little bag of these in my handbag and they’re perfect for lunchboxes too.

To celebrate the launch of the five new flavours Tasti have teamed up with and are giving away a prize pack, including packets of each of the five flavours. It’ll be tough to pick a favourite!

Check out the entire new range in store now, RRP $2.29
Made with real natural ingredients. They’re a tasty and healthy snack you won’t feel guilty about popping a couple during the day!
And even better news, Tasti have released FIVE new flavours to the line-up. They now come in a resealable bag – which is even better, because I am always finding random smooshed balls in the bottom my bag or car….which of course are covered in fluff and random handbag gunk!!!
So as well as being super tasty these snacks way better than grabbing a bag of M&M’s. Great as a lunchbox fillers for all the family. Can’t recommend these enough!

Smooshed balls

Sometimes we’re smooshing so much into our day that we don’t eat as well as we could.

That’s why the clever folks at Tasti created Smooshed Wholefood Balls. Made for snacking on-the- go with just real, natural ingredients, they’re a tasty snack you can feel good about eating!

Naturally sweetened with fruit, with only real, natural ingredients inside, these yummy wholefood balls are now available in five fabulous new flavours with only the simplest ingredient lists.

Peanut Butter & Caramel: Dates, peanuts, coconut and sea salt.

Roasted Hazelnut & Cacao: Dates, roasted hazelnuts, cacao, sunflowers seed and coconut.

Almond & Cashew: Dates, sunflower seeds, cashews, almonds and coconut.

Apricot & Cacao: Dates, apricots, almonds, sunflower seeds, cacao and coconut.

Berry, Cashew & Cacao: Dates, cashews, cacao, cranberries and coconut.

Now with a new look pack and the added benefit of a resealable bag, Smooshed are ideal for your handbag, lunchbox, glove compartment or gym bag….anywhere you might need an on-the- go boost of natural, delicious goodness.

You might be surprised to learn that the mouthwatering Smooshed Wholefood Balls are made from only a handful of natural ingredients…in fact they’re all ingredients you’ll probably have in your own pantry.

Free from nasties like artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, Smooshed balls are also GMO free, vegan and contain no added sugars.

Maja Szarmach from Tasti Products says demand for healthier, more honest, tasty snacks that are convenient and portable is growing which is exactly why Smooshed was born.

Tasti Smooshed is a delicious wholefood ball snack that helps people eat well on the go!

Smooshed balls come in resealable packs of 6 balls. With five tasty flavours to choose from, it’ll be tough to pick a favourite! Check out the entire new range in store now, RRP$2.29

Tasti – proudly NZ owned since 1932.

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