Rose Matafeo Pizza Party

Rose Matafeo Pizza Party Review

One hour of talking about yourself could come across as self indulgent, and Rose Matafeo’s stand up routine is ALL about Rose. Rose’s school stories, her family, hell, even Rose’s web browser.

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Rose Matafeo Pizza Party

But Rose Matafeo’s Pizza Party* doesn’t feel self-indulgent at all. It just feels funny.

She is supremely watchable on stage, and displays a quiet confidence that belays her 22 years. Sometimes when watching comedians on stage you get that “Oh feck” feeling. You know the one – that moment when you cringe and stare at your feet for a bit when the joke falls flat. That never happened with Rose. She was comfortable and in control all of the time. And if she wasn’t, she certainly gave a good impression of it.

Rose has the knack of finding the funny in the normal everyday stuff (which is a good thing, considering her profession and all). Subtle, rather than brash, she read 8 year old Rose’s creative writing stories out loud to us. She nailed it with her observations of the etiquette of exiting a Facebook group discussion.

She took us through her browser web tabs (in the digital age that’s almost as personal as rummaging through someone’s undie drawer) and her description of three year old Rose’s encounter with Nelson Mandela is outstanding.

For someone who thinks she’s intrinsically uncool, Rose Matafeo is in fact, pretty damn cool.

*Note.. expect plot twist with actual pizza.


Rose is going to do some stand-up for a bit and then she’s going to order a pizza (maybe from Dominos but this could change depending on her mood) and then she’ll do some more stand-up until the pizza arrives and then she’ll probably eat as much of the pizza as she can.

Winner – Billy T Award, 2013, NZ International Comedy Festival

Sat 26 & Tue 29 April – Sat 3 May, 7pm


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