Megan Boone from The Blacklist

Megan Boone
Megan Boone plays Elizabeth Keen on The Blacklist


Did you get hoooked on The Blacklist TV series on TV3? Check out Megan Boone’s interview here about the show…..

Megan Boone

Megan Boone plays Elizabeth Keen on The Blacklist

Q. For people who are new to the show, what is “The Blacklist” about?

A. The show is about this international criminal, Raymond Reddington, who has developed a list of other criminals he wants to help the FBI catch but he has one rule: he will only speak with my character, Elizabeth Keen, in order to catch them.  And no one knows their connection. As the series unravels and they start to chase down these blacklist criminals, they realize that Reddington’s connection with Elizabeth Keen is far greater than anyone ever could have realized. So you start to unravel the mythology behind why he might be so interested in this young woman.

Q. How would you describe your character?

A. Elizabeth Keen is a newly-minted FBI profiler who is going to her first day of work when she realizes that Raymond Reddington has come into her life and all of these things about her life that were originally seen as one thing get exposed as another thing, like her relationship at home with her husband and her familial ties and so forth. Raymond Reddington is the catalyst for all of these revelations.

Q. The show has been a big success with audiences and critics. How do you account for this success?

A. I think we’ve sort of captured lightning in a bottle with this one. It’s not only a wonderful premise and a very unique premise but it’s also derivative of very classic storylines like The Silence of the Lambs. There are [also] elements of “The X-Files.” But then it has its own unique qualities. And all of the cast work perfectly together and within their own characters. I just think it’s one of the most miraculous things that everyone involved worked very hard to create but also we all got very lucky to find a creative environment that we can all work in together, successfully.

Q. Did you have a chance to do any research to prepare for your role?

A. I did a lot of research into the FBI and Quantico and what I would have learned in my experience there. But as I started working on the show, I discovered that really didn’t apply so much because this world is so inflated and extraordinary that I wasn’t able to take in things from the real world to inform it.  So, just as I’m sure Elizabeth Keen has to surrender to this very strange new atmosphere she finds herself in, I also had to surrender myself to the unlikelihood of the imaginary circumstances that the story brings. So the research didn’t really apply, in the end.

Q. Have the show’s creators received any feedback from the FBI?

A. Maybe the FBI watches the show, I don’t know, but they haven’t really made any comment.

Q. I guess it’s good if they don’t comment…

A. It’s much better not to be mentioned in the FBI’s public statements, I suppose.

Q. Your character gets into a lot of action in the show. Do you enjoy doing the stunts?

A. I love the fact that this job requires me to do a lot of fight sequences and action sequences because it breaks up the work for me. It’s such a huge difference doing that as opposed to doing a highly emotional scene or a scene where we’re trying to figure out or get to the bottom of the hunt for the blacklister that week; the more procedural elements. So it’s nice because there are a lot of different facets to the job. It mixes it up for me.

Q. Have you had any injures?

A. No injuries! I’m totally unscathed from season one. Elizabeth Keen has been battered and bruised, emotionally and physically, but I’m fine. [Laughs]

Q. Is there ever a time they’ve come to you with a stunt and you’ve said, “No, I won’t do that”?

A. They usually ask me, “Do you want to do the stunt?” For the most part, I say yes. But if it’s a stunt where it requires some professional stunt person to come in or it could cause a concussion, I usually try to leave it to the professional.  Sometimes they’re hooking you up to ropes and pulling you onto pads and things that you have to fall onto otherwise you might hit concrete. I try to steer clear of hitting concrete as much as possible.

Q. How have you found it working with James Spader?

A. I found it delightful working with James Spader. He’s a pro. He’s been doing this successfully for 30 some odd years and it’s fortuitous for [me] at this point in my career to have a co-star who’s that established and successful and talented and generous and all of the things James brings to the table for me. What a coup, right?

Q. What was it like the first time you met him?

A. My first day working on the show with James – and I hadn’t met him yet – I came to work with great anticipation and I went to the 29th floor of the Waldorf Astoria on Park Avenue, where we rented out the whole floor. I went into my suite and I was rehearsing my lines and was very, very nervous and just munching on popcorn, neurotically. James knocked on my door and said, “It’s James.” I stiffened up and inhaled and a piece of popcorn lodged itself in the back of my throat and he came in to speak to me and he was very eloquent about how wonderful we were going to be together and how, if there was anything I ever needed, to please come and ask him. All the while, I’m trying to pretend I’m not choking. I could get oxygen but I was really uncomfortable. He left the room and the popcorn came dislodged from my throat and I went in and stabbed him in the neck with a pen and everything has gone really well from that point on. [Laughs]

Q. Given the intricacies of its plot, do you think “The Blacklist” lends itself well to repeat viewings or binge-watching on Blu-ray and DVD?

A. I think people have enjoyed binge-watching it the entire time because we’ve had an interesting form of ratings this year where they not only count the night of [airing] but when people watch it on DVR. We’d go off the air in the [U.S.] for one or two weeks at a time and people would write on Twitter that they were binge-watching all of the episodes during those two weeks so they could get ready for when we came back on the air. So I feel like those people are definitely going to run out and get the DVD and hold us accountable for all of our crazy twists and turns in the plot last year, which is fun because that’s what they’re building season two from.

Q. It’s obviously a very intense show but is there any goofing around on set?

A. I have more of a light-hearted personality and I like to maintain that when the cameras aren’t rolling because I think it keeps hope in the room when everything seems so bleak and morbid and so forth. And it actually makes it a lot easier to work on the scenes that are a lot darker because you don’t have to live there all the time and you still have energy to do that.

Q. I guess every actor brings a part of him or herself to a role. What’s the common ground between you and Elizabeth?

A. I’m a pretty strong girl and I think Elizabeth is a very strong woman. And I’m certainly coming into my own, especially having the experience of being on the show and being able to work with the great James Spader. I think Elizabeth Keen feels a similar affinity and reverence for Raymond Reddington, so there’s a bit of symbiosis happening there.

Q. What are the differences?

A. I smile a lot; Elizabeth Keen, not so much. [Laughs] Things like that.

Q. Do you think you could do Elizabeth’s job in real life or is part of the joy of the part that you get to just sample these things that must be quite traumatic in real life?

A. What’s interesting about Elizabeth Keen is that she’s gone through so much and she’s still very much moving forward in her life and she’s not broken. So that says a lot about her and her strength and her fortitude. So, yeah, she’s gone through quite a bit of trauma but she’s coming out of it okay and I think maybe changed and better for it.

Q. Where would you like to see your character go in the future?

A. I want her to get dark and sharp and a little bit more mischievous.



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