Why you need to get your moles checked!

Check your moles

Why you should get your moles checked – regularly!

With NZ having the highest rates of melanoma in the world, I thought it was time to get mine seen too and also for piece of mind! I didn’t get a lecture even though I had sunburn when I went in – missed a spot! And because really we should all be more than aware of the importance of sunscreen – slip, slop, slap by now! And if there is an issue – the sooner it is picked up the less likely it’ll be a major issue for you.

So I booked with MoleMan in Northcote Point after being recommended by a friend who had visited him recently.

It cost $150 for my first visit and if you have Southern Cross, Dr Coe is an affiliated provider to Southern Cross Health Insurance so you maybe covered.


Why do you need to keep on top of your moles:

  • New Zealand and Australia have the highest rates of melanoma in the world
  • Approximately 50% of all Kiwis will get a skin cancer in their lifetime
  • 80 % of all new cancers diagnosed in New Zealand are skin cancers
  • Melanoma is the leading cancer for males aged 25 to 44 years old and the second most common for females of the same age.
  • Melanoma is the fourth most common life-threatening cancer in New Zealand for all ages combined
  • Melanoma is the most serious of all skin cancers. However it is by no means the most prevalent and only forms less that 5% of all skin cancers.
  • From the age of 50, the rate of all skin cancers increase significantly with each decade.

The process:

  • You simply turn up, preferably in lose clothing so Dr Coe can use his giant magnifying glass to check each mole and he will also take photo’s of some of your moles with a special camera which magnify even further on screen and he can see straight away if there’s an issue.
  • Takes about 30 minutes

See for yourself – would you be able to see the difference?

  • Attached is a macro image (as it appears with the naked eye) of a coloured spot on a 30 year old ladies arm:

Mole check

  • This image below is utilising a mole mapping camera (using magnification and cross polarized light) to look deep into the lesion and see early signs of melanoma.

Digital dermoscopic image


If a melanoma is removed when it is on the surface of this skin (called melanoma insitu) like this one, individuals are completely cured, which is what they aim to achieve.


MoleMan – The Skin Cancer Doctors

146 Queen St, Northcote Point, Auckland 0627

Ph: 09 480 6416 / 0800 DR MOLE (376 653)

Fax: 09480 6418

EDI: molemanl

E: grant@moleman.co.nz


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