Fascinating Jobs: Sharyn Casey Announcer on THE EDGE and Presenter on FOUR LIVE

Meet Sharyn Casey – she’s Jay Jay, Mike & Dom’s Sportgirl & 10-12 Announcer on THE EDGE and Presenter on FOUR LIVE.  She has even made Will Ferrell laugh….and she forgot to mention – she’s the lady all the BEYONCE fans must thank as well for setting up the Bring Beyonce’s Mrs Carter Show to NZ campaign!!!



Sharyn Casey from The Edge & Four

Sharyn Casey fascinating jobs

1. When you were a kid, what was your ultimate job? 

I wanted to be Geri Halliwell’s replacement in the Spice Girls, a Dolphin trainer & a Radio Host – All 3 at once.


2. What was the very first job you had when you left school?

I started working when I was 13, I was always fascinated with having a job & would rather work than go to school
My first job was at Pizza Haven (now Pizza Hut) and I got $3.75 an hour, I LOVED IT!


3. How did you get a job in Radio & with FOUR?

I left school when I was 15 & was working full time in retail for a few years, The Edge did Edgefest in Wellington & I ran the signing tent for the music store I was working for with a guy named Shaun Joyce who was the Marketing manager for Sounds.  He said to me “Sharyn, You should work at The Edge there’s a radio school in Wellington you should go”  So I applied & got in the next day and got a diploma in broadcasting.
From there I worked at More Fm in the Wairarapa while sending Leon the boss of The Edge air-checks every week, when a job opened up at The Edge I went for it even though most people didn’t think I would get it & luckily I did!

For Four Live same really, I’d been sending in tapes & annoying people for TV work, I did a reality pick a presenter show with MTV which I pretty much just cried & left when I got to the Top 3 cause I couldn’t do that & The Edge, luckily someone at Four saw it & thought if maybe I stopped crying I’d be an alright presenter – they still think I’m only alright but at least they haven’t fired me … yet….


4. What gets your up every morning (for your job), what keeps you motivated?

I love doing something different everyday & even though sometimes working with Dom Harvey can cause severe nerves cause you don’t know what he’ll do next, at least it keeps it interesting!


5. What are some of the biggest myths people might have regarding your job?

That we just sit on our ass and talk shit all day, I work non stop from 6am till midday doing a variety of things.  I’m music director too, so every single song you hear on The Edge I have manually put there, as well as prepping & doing my show 10am till midday, Reading news, contributing to the Breakfast show & working with younger announcers that wanna give it a go.


6. What has so far, been your most exciting day at work? Was it meeting someone, learning something new? 

Four Live sent me to Sydney to interview Will Ferrell I almost had a panic attack but I managed to get in there, do it & he laughed 4 times! I couldn’t believe it, I somehow made Will Ferrell laugh & it wasn’t even a sympathy laugh, I could have died then & my life would’ve been complete.


7. If someone was thinking about getting into your line of work, what piece of advice would you offer them? 

Get stuck in & do a good job, work your ass off & don’t think you know everything – I don’t believe you ever stop learning, I learn something new or a better way to do something almost everyday.


8. Where could they go to look into it or learn more about it?


9. Name one of your most proud moments in your job?  Something that made you say “yip, I nailed it!”

Apart from Making Will Ferrell laugh, would be wearing a moustache & a top hat interviewing Rita Ora & managing to keep a straight face the entire time even when she was losing it.


10. Between working in Radio and FOUR which do you find harder getting prepared for, what do you prefer TV or Radio or did you find it easy presenting on TV and Radio?

I think they’re about the same, except TV you have to prepare more graphics etc & Radio is more instant.
I love them both just as much cause they both challenge me,  but I like that on radio someone can’t tweet me saying I have a fat neck or look ugly today haha Radio listeners have no idea I’m wearing no make up & track pants!


10. Who is someone who inspires you?

So many people inspire me – I love Jay Jay Feeney, Leah Panapa they’re radio legends female wise!

I massively idolise Jaquie Brown too, she is hilarious & herself – I’ve never been able to meet her, every-time she comes in I stare or hide cause I don’t want to embarrass myself, if I could swap careers with anyone it would be her hands down.

Also Jono Pryor, he is so good at everything he does whether it’s Radio, TV or being a Dad he’s nails it.  But the best thing about Jono is that he is the most humble person you will ever meet & has time for everyone.  Whenever I’ve asked him something he will always take the time to help me.

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A massive thanks Sharyn,  for taking time out to answer our questions and also for helping bring Mrs Carter to NZ too! I so wanted to be in Spice Girls too…..



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