BYOD – how Noel Leeming helped us decide.

BYOD Review

Shopping tips for BYOD’s for high school

What you need to know when looking for a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) for high school.  Being technically challenged and really not sure where to start – we found the school had excellent advice and info we needed to start looking.

Master 11 requested he would be needing a Macbook Pro – yeah right! So after we lowered his expectations to a more reasonable choice and set a price range he could look at, we headed to Noel Leeming.

Firstly, I have to mention the super helpful staff member we had. If he wasn’t sure of a question we had, the guy would go and find the answer for us. They had loads of excellent advice and they weren’t trying to up-sell either.

On our list of requirements for our BYOD were:

Me – mainly the budget $400-$600, lightweight, fast, long battery life, and a pretty colour (clearly I’m no tech genius)

Master 11 – be able to play games on it…..hmmmm that’s the important things covered!

We also checked out his new High School website which very conveniently recommended what were the “must haves” when picking out a BYOD:

In order to ensure that your child’s devices is suited for the classroom, their device must  meet the following minimum requirements:

  • 10″ Screen
  • Keyboard
  • 6 hour battery life

Further the device must:

  • Have a case
  • Be insured
  • Have a record of the make, model and serial number

And this very handy video with plenty of technical information when picking a BYOD:

So armed with out list we headed to Wairau Park Noel Leeming, aside for being local we’ve previously had great service with these guys in the past as well and their current deals on at the moment helped as well.

Noel Leeming BYOD

There were so many choices, so we narrowed it down to our top three within the price range and went from there. Thankfully the guys in-store helped as well. We were told to also look out for devices with the A+ sticker – which means it’s a recommended BYOD with schools – so that also helps narrow down your choices too.


It’s best to let the user have a play on them so they’re comfortable and to also let the child ask questions, they want to know things we don’t think of.

IMG_7047 (2)

So after a good hour in-store and having a play on each BYOD we had picked out of three – we went with the HP 10.1″ Pavilion X2 Red Detachable Hybrid Tablet Bundle Value $599. Master 11 had been using the Pavilion X2 at school – so he was confident using this one. And it also had the A+ rating which also means it’s a recommended BYOD with schools.

We’ve had it for two days now and the setup was really easy (they also have an 0800 number to call as well if you’re stuck) and we’ve been having a play with the different apps and learning as well go. But Master 11 is pretty happy with this one – especially because it also connects to Netflix and XBox……

The detachable screen is cool – so you can also use it as a touch screen (like an iPad) or with the key board attached (which is mainly how’s it being used at the moment). It’s really lightweight as well.

Noel Leeming BYOD


Noel Leeming makes it easy for parents to purchase a ‘school ready device’. Their team of passionate experts have created this check-list to get the most out of the new technology:

  • 10-inch minimum screen
  • Runs both apps and programmes
  • USB Port Work offline and online
  • Battery Life to last a typical school day
  • Lightweight

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