ATZEN Balance Bio-Active Complex review

Atzen product review

ATZEN Balance Bio-Active Complex SPF15™, we reviewed it!

In short – we loved it!

I’ve been using the ATZEN Balance Bio-Active Complex SPF15 for the last month and it’s definitely a product I will continue to use. It gives your skin a lovely healthy glow as well as protecting it from the sun. And if you use it along side their DNA Repair Serum – they make a perfect match.

It looks quite thick when you put a small amount on your hands, but warm it in your finger tips before you apply it to your face. It even contains Zinc Oxide which provides broad spectrum protection from UVA, UVB and UVC – very important to use a sun block every day! It’s also what Catherine Atzen, Creator of ATZEN Skin Care says is one of THE most important anti-aging regimen we should all be using!

But most importantly, ATZEN products are cruelty-free and all natural, no nasty chemicals in them and infused with French flair 🙂

Such lovely products which we can highly recommend adding these to your daily routine. And because you only need to use a small amount – they last for awhile too!

Atzen Balance


The easiest way to include this vital step into our skincare regime is when our moisturiser incorporates an SPF, and ATZEN Superior to Organic Skin Care has made life easy with all-natural face moisturiser ATZEN Balance Bio-Active Complex SPF15™, a powerful sun protector and anti-ageing skin saviour all rolled into one.

The unique organic formulation of ATZEN Balance Bio-Active Complex SPF15™ protects from pollution and ultraviolets, including broad spectrum UVA, UVB and UVC, which increase risk of skin damage, ageing skin and can cause skin cancer. On top of providing powerful sun protection, it relieves and transforms dry and sensitised skin into a vibrant, firm and youthful complexion, leaving skin healthy, hydrated and glowing.

Warmed between the fingertips, ATZEN Balance Bio-Active Complex SPF15™ results in a light yet rich and silky-textured cream that absorbs quickly without greasy residue, as can be the case with many SPF moisturisers.

Free of petrochemicals and nano-particles. It combines organic ingredients and vitamins including shea butter, vitamin E, evening primrose flower oil, green tea and brazilwood extract with safe high tech ingredients that work.

Zinc Oxide is the highest quality natural mineral that provides broad spectrum protection from UVA, UVB and UVC rays. Used regularly and as directed, it can help protect against the risk of skin cancer, prevent sunburn, and reduce the effects of early skin ageing.

PhytoCellTec® is a blend of anti-ageing stem cells taken from Swiss apples, xanthan gum, glycerin, lecithin and phenoxyethanol. It promotes growth of the skin’s stem cells, protects them from UVs and prevents chronic skin ageing.

Pseudocollagen® is a yeast extract taken from natural glycoproteins from living plant cells that has superior properties to soluble collagen, and boosts natural collagen and elastin, hydrates the skin’s dermis and provides turgor inside the dermal cells.

ATZEN BALANCE Bio-Active Complex SPF15™ RRP$139.00

You can buy it here:

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