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About Us – Life is Tough – Do Cool Stuff – that’s our motto at Diversions.co.nz

We just want to help make your day a little brighter. Find out about cool stuff happening in your hood, learn out about things you can buy and introduce you to some fascinating folks along the way.

We live in Auckland, but of course we’ll let you know if it’s also going to be coming to your town and you should go and see it too!

Life is tough so why moan about stuff – and as our Grandparents used to say “if you don’t have anything nice to say, then you should STFU” (or something along those lines!) so we don’t want any whining going on here!

Accomplish – learn new stuff, find out about people and the fascinating jobs they have. We want to help inspire you if you are considering a job change or studying something new, looking at a variety of industries you might be interested in.

Frolic – we’ll let you know about up and coming movies, musicals, theatre or concerts you should book in your calendar so you don’t miss out on getting tickets.

Indulge – all about things you might like to buy,  some pretty things other stuff which we think might just be really useful. We’ll recommend new products and favourite shops and online shopping you might like to check out.

Observe – if we’ve seen it or read about it we will review it! You’ll find a selection of reviews to hopefully encourage or inspire you to go try it out! Love movies? So do we, so check out the latest trailers here too!

Listen – we LOVE music, and we especially LOVE recommending kiwi music and anyone you should keep an eye on. We’ll let you know about concerts and music we’re loving right here.


Feel free to let us know if we’ve missed something or you think we need to find out about something – get involved we’d love to hear from you.

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If we love it – we want you to know about it…..

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